I have done a “Script Template” in Nuke for a Look Develop. My intention was to learn a bit more Python as well as a few new techniques in Nuke. The idea behind is to produce a Template where is easy to show different versions of “Look Dev” with multiples options.

This is a work in progress template. I’m planning to introduce a few improvements more in the near future.

In this case, the render comes from Vray for Maya, but can be any motor render.
This template read your EXR (Multichannel) and then you manually ( at the moment)  have to split your AOV en passes. Also, you can add multiples views of your object in big thumbnails on the right-hand side. You can control everything from a “Master Node” at the end of the script. ( see video tutorial below)

The “Spiderman” model is own by Matthew Lowe

Maya Vray

The setting in for the render global are: Lineal Workflow 16 bits ZIP compression, no GI, sampler type Adaptive and HDRI VRay Light Dome.

AOV Passes List:

Beauty Render Elements: Lighting – GI – Reflection – Specular – Refraction – Self Illumination – SSS
Geometry Render Elements: World Position Pass – Object Position Pass – Normal Pass – UV Pass – Motion Vector (Velocity) – Depth
Matte Render Elements: Render ID
Utility Render Elements: AO – Topdowntex – Fresnel – Fallof – Wire – Sample Rate

Slate in the frame 0 with the information about the shot.

Screen Shot about the layout of the script.

Option to add a grid and measure for your CG

Final result with the screens thumbnails in the right hand side.

Master control template spec:

  • Template optimize for a 2K HDTV 2048px x 1152px and Vray for Maya.
  • Option to color correct every pass or give a specified look for approving.
  • Slate with information about the shot using MetaData.
  • Full fame view with option to change the background, add a grid and vignette.
  • Reposition the shot and information about the shot.
  • Measure your CG in width and hight with the option to choose which type: cm-inch-foot-yard-mile.
  • Thumbnails with the option to fill relevant information in each window.
  • Option to see all the AOV passes as a Contact Sheet.
  • Option to see extra AOV (Extra Tex Vray) passes as a Contact Sheet.

 Tutorial how yo use the script with the Master Control.

Final result in full mode with measure and grid.

Final result with the screens thumbnails in the right hand side.

 All the AOV passes which the EXR contain (Contact Sheet)